About 關於我

My name is Louisa. I am a woman entering the “second half” of her life after having been stumbling around the world searching for excitement, love and truth. With each stumbling block comes a little hint of wisdom; and with each wound comes a glimpse of insight into how our body and soul could heal. In my long and winding journey of recovery and self-discovery, I have come across many “methods” and “modules” that seek to realign our beings with what Nature has intended for us. To find out how I got started on the journey, have a look at My Story. I’m an amateur self-healer, and I enjoy every step of the journey and delight in the results! Please join me on my path and share with me the joy of discovering the highest potentials we can ever reach.


12 thoughts on “About 關於我”

  1. I really, really like your blog!! I will be back!!

  2. I have nominated you for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award. Congratulations!

  3. Ann Quasarano said:

    Hi Louisa, I would love to profile you in the D’Adamo Personalized Nutrition newsletter and refer people to your blog. Please email me at ann@dadamo.com to discuss!
    Love your blog!
    Ann Quasarano
    D’Adamo Personalized Nutrition

  4. Hi Louisa – Could you please tell me where I can purchase the mason jars that you have pictured on your web site especially the jars that you store your protein shakes in.

    • Hi Jenny,
      I bought those jars in an international grocery store here in Hong Kong. I am not sure where you can buy them where you are (I assume Australia?). But you might want to check out Amazon, where they sell those at very good prices.
      Here is the link: http://tinyurl.com/kx4ngzn

  5. Good Morning louisa,

    Thanks for sharing!

  6. pulomadasgupta said:

    hello Louisa! i came across your blogpost on transcendental meditation while looking for “meditations to align with nature” on google! 😉 i’m so pleasantly surprised that ur questions in life n the ways u describe urself r very much life me…(questions from childhood about why we exist, disillusionment with wtever causes injustice in the name of piety, idealism, healing…) 😀
    i tend to lose hope often when attempts at daily meditation lead me nowhere. sometimes i am very clear about what i am looking for n how to move towards it, but so often n for so long i can get so very disconnected from my soul…that i even begin to wonder y i buy such fantastic “stories”, such as those in Conversations with God, in the first place…. i have been an atheist for 10 years…till conversations with n love for a guy, an initiated spiritual seeker, made me consider other possibilities with ease… i am very glad to come across ur blog…i badly need reassurance that i am on the right track n that i, too, can make it…
    good day, Louisa! 🙂

    • Pulomaja, thank you for your message… I am sure you are on the right track. Those who seek, will be given the answer eventually. I wish you an awesome spiritual journey.

  7. I really like the title “self-healer”. Indeed we grow and expand from our life experiences and wounds. Thanks for sending me the link to this blog!

    • Thanks for coming by, tellingheavysecrets! In a way, we are all self-healers. I truly believe that as long as we look inside, we will find the key to our healing. Happiness is an insider job! (((HUGS)))

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