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A lot of the stresses and conflicts we experience in life, may it be at home, at the workplace, in business or in politics, have to do with time. Poor timing. Lack of time. Impatience. Not enough time has passed for the truth to come out. But what is time?

Time is a phenomenon in the relative world that we live in. In absolute reality, there is no time, and life is eternal. Therefore, we live in an illusion of urgency and distress that we impose on ourselves with the construct of time. The word for time–“temps” in French, “tempo” in Italian, etc… originates in the Latin word “tempus.” And the word “temporary” is derived from it.

As we live our day-to-day existence in this relative world where time seems to be linear, to go through life’s irritations, annoyances, obstacles, hardships, conflicts, trials and tribulations, give it time. We often hear the phrase, “Only time will tell.” Well, I’d say, time WILL tell if you listen to what your heart and soul say. So, give your heart and soul time, to tell you what you already know deep down. Don’t drown out that seemingly faint voice with the loud voices from the media, your friends or family. Just listen, in solitude, and you will sure have the answer.