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If I ask you which is more powerful: a super computer or the human brain, what would your answer be? Most people would say: “The super computer, of course!”

Apparently, that would be true—if you were to use only the “normal” capacity of your brain.

Albert Einstein once said that most of us are using only 5 percent of our brain power. What about the rest of it? The fact is that our educational system and society have trained us, from Day One, to focus on the development of our left brain—the part of the brain that handles rational thinking. The other side, the right brain, which is responsible for emotions, language, creativity, and most important of all, intuition, has largely been neglected. But it is here where original ideas flourish, where innovation takes place, where deep human connections happen.

When the whole brain is tapped into, the power and data comparable to a super computer—in fact, far more than that—would be available to you in an instant, and you don’t even have to be a genius to do that.

The myth has always been that geniuses are born. Either you have “it” or not. But what if I told you that you could actually have access to the same tool that geniuses such as Amadeus Mozart and Nikolai Tesla had, and expand the capacity of your brain power by a million times?

“The rational mind is the faithful servant and the intuitive mind is the sacred gift. We have created a society that honors the servant and forgotten the gift.” ~ Albert Einstein

To illustrate the power of the intuitive mind in action, let’s look at the example of the Russian athletes during the 1980 Olympics Games. The athletes were divided into three groups with varying degrees of physical vs. mental training. It turned out that the group that received 25 percent physical training and 75 percent mental training grabbed more gold metals than the group that received 75 percent physical training and 25 percent mental training. This is a telling example of how powerful the mind is when it comes to our external performance—even if it has to do with physical performance!

The idea of “work smart, not hard” cannot be more true in this example.

Mindscape: The Modern-day Tool to Tap into Your Innate Super Computer

To access the unlimited power of your mind and to tap into the knowledge of the entire universe, there is a tool called Mindscape, invented by Australian  Dr. John Veltheim. He is the originator of the non-intrusive healthcare system known as BodyTalk.  Dr. Veltheim invented Mindscape in his 20s. It is a mental technique that allows a people to manifest their dreams, visions and goals in reality. The goals are not limited to career success but all aspects of life, may it be academic studies, relationships, finance, family, health and much more.

Does it sound too good to be true? Well, I wanted to know too. So I went for a weekend seminar on Mindscape, conducted by Angie Tourani, the only Mindscape instructor in Hong Kong, and tested whether it works or not.

During the seminar, I learned how to get into the alpha state through constructing a workshop in my mind. The alpha state is when the mind is in a very relaxed state, similar to when you are daydreaming. You are aware and awake, but in this state, where the brain operates at the frequency between 9 and 14 Hz, the subconscious predominates.

I then learned to work on different aspects of my life, including rehearsing all the tasks on my to-do list, connecting with people whom I want to have deeper and authentic communications, inviting experts to help me with my problems, heal myself and others, exercise, meditate and more.

After the seminar, I was blown away by what manifested in my life as a result of the work in my mental workshop. First, there was instant healing of an ankle pain I had had for over four months. Then, tension in two interpersonal relationships suddenly eased up. Over the course of the next two months, I also experienced the excellent result of being able to slow down the passage of time and accomplish a large number of tasks every day, which initially seemed insurmountable.

To my delight, I have also been able to experience what the Olympics athletes achieved through mental training. Not getting gold medals, of course. But I had been inactive for over half a year and worried about not being able to return to my favorite activity—ballet—without suffering a great loss in technique and strength. However, Mindscape has allowed me to not only practice every day to brush up my skills, but also to invite the best ballerinas in the world to coach me—all within my mental space. When I returned to the dance studio, I found myself picking up the movements as if I never had a long break. Sure, my body was stiffer and weaker than before, but the fundamental skills such as balance and coordination are still there, and I know that as long as I keep on practicing, I will be able to improve and do well at it again.

How Mindscape Came to Hong Kong

As mentioned, Mindscape was created by Dr. John Veltheim and it spread from its American headquarters worldwide. How did it come to Hong Kong? Strangely, by way of South Africa. The one and only instructor of Mindscape in Hong Kong, Angie Tourani, stumbled upon it when she was training to become a certified BodyTalk practitioner while living in South Africa. Since Mindscape is under the same umbrella of the International BodyTalk Association, Angie got curious and learned the technique, too. Later on, she introduced it in Hong Kong after she moved here permanently.

“I came across BodyTalk when I was looking for alternative ways of healing for my children,” she recalls. “Then through BodyTalk I heard about Mindscape.”

Angie says that prior to learning Mindscape, she was a “left-brain, logical, black-and-white” person. But Mindscape has transformed each and every aspect of her life: “It has strengthened my creativity and intuition. I can say that it is one of the most beneficial tools I have acquired in my journey.”

How People Can Benefit from Mindscape

What are the main benefits of Mindscape? According to Angie, the first benefit is stress release. “When you are in a relaxed state of mind, free from stress and anxiety, you are able to function at the optimum level. Once you are in that zone, your creativity is heightened and you are able to find the answers and solutions to your problems. You connect to your core strength, your potentials and your environment better. A lot of times, the solutions and opportunities are all there but you can’t perceive them because the five senses are over-stimulated. Even if you have never meditated before, Mindscape can be a good start,” she explains.

Angie says some people find it difficult to meditate. But with Mindscape, they can get into the alpha state of mind through a simple, step-by-step process of visualization. In addition, one can stay in that state throughout the day instead of just during a short period of time as in meditation.

For comprehending and retaining information during one’s studies, Mindscape can be an extremely useful tool. Angie says when she was training to be a certified BodyTalk instructor, she had only one month’s time to study all the complex anatomical materials that would have required a full year’s study. “It was crazy, especially for someone without a scientific background. I missed 70 percent of the course but I wanted to take the exam anyway. With the help of Mindscape, I passed the exam with a high score. I wouldn’t have been able to do it without Mindscape.”

In addition to learning, Mindscape also helps one overcome personality traits that may get in the way of achieving one’s goals. Angie recalls: “I was extremely shy before, but to be an instructor, I had to stretch my boundary and get out there to teach. Mindscape helped me to manifest this goal.”

Mindscape may sound like a magic bullet for whatever you want to achieve. Or is it? Angie explains that not all goals will be manifested when you use Mindscape. “If something is not a priority, or if it’s not meant for you, then you will not manifest the goal. Usually, once you are in Mindscape, you will have clarity in your subconscious mind. Superficially, you may have a certain goal, but in Mindscape, it will be clear to you whether that goal aligns with your priority or higher self.”

Another significant benefit of Mindscape is that it can help us resolve relationship conflicts. How? “When you are talking to people, you are basically talking to different belief systems,” observes Angie. “You are talking to their ego and logical mind. You might get hurt. The conversation may never get to the essence of things. But once you are using the Mindscape tools, you bypass all these. You bypass the ego, the limiting belief systems, the expectations and so on. Instead, you are directly connected to the core of the person. And when you communicate at that level, miracles just happen. Finally you are talking from your essence, and you are being heard.”

Angie continues: “If I have a deep message, I would prefer to communicate through the Mindscape workshop rather than trying to resolve the conflict externally. My experience has been that every time I had a conflict situation, I would go into my Mindscape workshop and talk to that person from that space. And the conflict would resolve immediately. It’s not just about saying what you want to say, but also seeing the perspective from the other person. When you see the bigger picture, then your understanding increases and that’s how conflicts can be resolved.”

An example would be, if you are going to a meeting, you can talk to the person in your mind ahead of time as if you were rehearsing it. “Since you would have resolved any issues in Mindscape already, when you actually meet the person, the meeting will go smoothly. You can understand the person’s perspective and they can hear you.”

Angie has personally experienced this many times when she tried to sort out some differences with her husband and with her domestic helper without any direct confrontations. On the professional level, she has been able to connect with her clients on a deeper level. “Any professions that deal with people, such as therapists, human resources managers and trainers, will benefit greatly by using this tool to connect with their clients or colleagues.”

Does it mean that however you want to sway a relationship, it will go your way if you use Mindscape? Angie stresses that you cannot manipulate or control another person this way.

“The world is merely a reflection of your subconscious belief system, and other people are simply playing it out. When you are in the alpha state of mind, you can see clearly what your limiting belief system and emotional blockages are. These are what prevent you from seeing a person or a situation for what it is, instead of seeing it through your filters or experience all the time. Then and only then will you be able to see through where the conflicts and differences come from and be able to work things out. And once you have made the shift, everything around you will shift. You will see people changing along with you. It’s all about you, not the others.”

In other words, “blockages” are what prevent us from what we want to achieve. Will Mindscape automatically help clear them up? Angie’s answer is a reassuring “yes.” “Basically, limiting belief systems are what prevent us from reaching our full potentials. While using Mindscape, you are connected to your core and the subconscious mind, as well as your masculine and feminine aspects. You don’t have any filters there. So all those limiting blocks will dissolve, and finally you are able to fulfill all your potentials.

Who Should Learn Mindscape?

Anyone can benefit from this powerful mental technique. But Angie recommends it particularly to students, athletes, artists and the busy professionals. She observes that students in Hong Kong are under tremendous pressure to excel in order to get into the best schools. “With Mindscape, it will be a breeze to retain information and tap into their mind power.” For athletes or anyone who is into sports, Mindscape can help them rehearse their activities from the mental space so they can excel in their physical performance. Similarly, for artists, Mindscape will open the floodgate to inspirations.

“For anybody engaged in highly stressful professions, such as bankers and lawyers, you can put your stress aside and see your efficiency, decision making ability and finances shoot up the roof,” Angie says.

Last but not least, Mindscape can be an excellent tool for enhancing meditation and personal growth. As the Indian spiritual teacher Nisargadatta Maharaj has once said: “All you need is already within you,” Mindscape can literally help us get to what is already inside us in a systematic way.


Note: The next Mindscape seminar will be held on February 27-28 in Hong Kong. For more information, please visit www.bodytalksystem.com.hk or contact Angie Tourani at angie@bodytalksystem.com.hk