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Pain is something to understand

For those of us who have had our fair share of pain, here is a question to ponder: What is pain?

Byron Katie says, “Pain is nothing to fear; it is something to understand.” (Click on the image and read the comments on Byron Katie’s page. They are quite inspiring!)

For me, pain is a wake-up call that something in my life is off kilter. Physical pain does not only signal physical stress in our body, but is also a reflection of misalignment between what my heart/soul wants and what I am actually doing.

If you look at pain on the spiritual and emotional level, when we feel uneasy, frustrated, angry, sad, etc., some parts of our energetic system (chakras) get blocked. For example, the throat chakra is related to how honestly we express ourselves and how we take responsibility of our own needs. So if this area of your life is neglected, you might experience sore throat, voice problems, thyroid issues, swollen gums or mouth ulcers. This is an example of how pain or/and disease could manifest in a particular part of the body that corresponds to our emotional and spiritual well being.

However you define it, pain is a signal that we must pay attention to. It is our body’s innate wisdom to use pain to guide our course of action. It is an “SMS” (or more like “SOS”) from our soul that we need to change course and take care of areas in our life that we have neglected or abused. This applies to both physical pain and emotional pain.

So I agree with Byron Katie, that pain is nothing to fear. If we can understand why pain occurs, and transcend it, we’ll end up being better off each time we experience it.

What is pain to you? Please share!

The wound is the place where the Light enters you.
~ Rumi