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13 Zodiac WheelRecently it came to my attention that the Western zodiac has been missing a sign—Ophiuchus (the holder of the snakes). This news came out in the media back in 2011 but it did not reach my ears then. It was through a book that my husband has been reading that the “revelation” came through. Apparently, the new science of “archeoastronomy” has lent this fact—which has been known in the astronomy field all along—extra material credence.

There are tons of materials on the Internet about the 13 zodiac signs—how that “discovery” came about and the different interpretations of what it means. What I want to write about, though, is the observations on myself and other people after realizing that our Sun signs have changed.

I have changed from being an Aquarius to Capricorn, while my husband has changed from being a Libra to Virgo, both from an “air” sign to an “earth” sign.

Let me just talk about myself: Capricorn is defined by the characteristics of “organization” and “hard work.” It also is a cardinal sign, signaling leadership. Suddenly light bulbs went off in my and my husband’s heads. “Of course!” he said to me. “It fits you to a tee! You have always been such a good organizer.” It is true. Ever since I was a child, I have been extremely well organized in the practical aspects of my life. In fact, I love order so much that my husband sometimes jokes that I am more Germanic than him (who grew up in Switzerland). I still remember when I was in elementary school, I was such a “neat freak” that I could close my eyes and be able to go through all the books in my school bag by touching them and telling which one was which in the exact order. Also, being a cardinal sign makes sense, as I started off as a strong student leader in school all the way up until the end of high school. But somewhere down the road, I got lost. Well, that’s another story for another time. Hardworking has always been my trademark since my school days. I have since become lazier but the diligent streak is alive and kicking in areas of my life where I find passion! Lastly, the fact that I’m an “earth” sign made me feel like I landed from the clouds to the ground. Funnily enough, I and hubby have been doing “earthing” for a few days now, walking barefooted on the sand to discharge our positive ions and absorb the negative ions from Earth’s surface. It seems as though we were preparing ourselves for this “earth-shattering” news, ha ha!

While I am not interested in daily horoscope forecasts and believe that the zodiac Sun sign only influences a fraction of our personalities, the change of the birth sign that I’ve identified myself with nonetheless has had a profound effect on my psyche. For example, when I identified myself with being Aquarius, I had the words “original,” “outsider,” “visionary,” “intellectual,” “futuristic” and “humanitarian (love for humanity rather than love for individuals)” in mind. In a subconscious way, I was guided by these words and allowed my life to be shaped by them. While I was proud of possessing these qualities, at the same time there was a sense of unease as my practical side just did not seem to match the “spacey” quality of this air sign at all. Also, being an “outsider” and constantly being misunderstood wasn’t a fun feeling at all. Now that I can identify with the qualities that have always been a part of me, I find it satisfying and safe to continue on my path—hard work and determination will eventually lead to success! Yes, I’ll let that be my guiding motto from now on. In addition, I realize that I can very well be a leader in the field of my choice! For a long time, I have been having strong doubts about my ability to succeed in life. I have been sort of drifting along—not gaining much success in most areas of my life, not knowing that I had not been fully leveraging my gifts and strengths. But with a change of sign—it really is about the shift in awareness—I feel that I am ready for a new path.

At the same time, the sign of Aquarius will still stay with me to a certain extent, as I can still identify with some of its qualities, such as being visionary and original. What a wonderful gift to be able to straddle the two signs! What a bonus 😉

In fact, many of my friends who have found their signs changed also share the same feeling. My conclusion is: We are more defined by what we label ourselves and/or what others label us—the archetypes, than who we really are. We are surely a mixture of all and then some! Our lives—and thus our destiny in this life time—are defined not only by our stars, but also by our upbringing, our cultural and social environments, our relationships and our experiences. At the end of the day, we get to choose who we want to be.

Two more interesting observations:

Those who have changed from Virgo to Leo are almost without fail very proud of the shift. Perhaps this resembles the case of the lion in “Wizard of Oz.” He was timid and cowardly until he was given a powerful drink by the Wizard. My guess is that these new-found Leos will also come out of their previous selves and act more boldly in whatever they set their minds on.

Since the signs of people around me have changed, I have started to look at them and related with them from a new perspective. It is really eye-opening. I encourage you to try the same—you might be pleasantly surprised!