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Just read this excellent article, Why your grandparents didn’t have food allergies…but you do. Spot on observation!

I have been chatting with a group of colleagues in their 30’s and 40’s about the food we eat and how that affects our health. One of them is French. She said her uncle likes to hunt and fish and would bring his games to the table at family gatherings during holidays. It has always been a highlight of the holiday celebrations for her. She said she still remembers drinking raw milk at farms or eating wild ducks and boars when she was little. The taste is totally different from today’s milk and meat.

Then she observed that our generation is much more prone to serious diseases like cancer than our parents’ generation, which is worse off than our grandparents’ generation. Another colleague, the youngest among us, has observed that those in the younger generation is getting serious health issues more often and earlier on in life. I have also found today’s children to be very prone to allergies that were non-existent when I was young. Just take a closer look at how food is produced and processed today and it wouldn’t be difficult to find the connection.

After a brief discussion of today’s factory farm practices and how real food is being destroyed by all sorts of artificial preservatives, flavorings, additives, pesticides, insecticides, GMO, growth hormones and antibiotics, one of the colleagues said, “Now I am starting to understand why those ‘radical’ people want to go back to Nature and live a hermit-like life!”The Scary Seven

There are still a lot of people who insist that “eating everything” is good for their health, especially the older generation. They often would say, “Look at me! I have been eating whatever I like, and I am still alive and kicking!” But what they don’t realize is that in the old days, when food (and the general environment) was not tainted and corrupted as it is today, their body was spared the onslaught of toxins. So they have been blessed for many years. Today’s food sources are vastly different and if they keep on “eating everything,” believing that that makes a “balanced diet,” then they might be in for nasty surprises.

Which motto do you prefer to live by? “Ignorance is bliss” or “Forewarned is forearmed”?