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Releasing “The Gluten Song”:

Lyrics written by me, music composed and performed by my husband. This is our first collaboration on a poetry recitation with original music, on a health theme that we both care about—gluten.

Enjoy and let me know what you think!

You love it fluffy, honey
You love it chewy, baby
It smells so good at the bakery
Hmmm…. those yummy bread and pastry!

Into the white fancy dough you bite
Your smile radiates ecstasy
The gluten has invaded, so easy!
Wracking havoc in your intestine

Gluten, gluten, what is it in Latin?
No other word than glue!
Keep your daily bread, go ahead!
Eat cake while you’re blue

“Just love that modern poison
That makes me hooked, like opium
It can’t possibly be bad
It must be you who are mad!”

Gluten, gluten, what is it in Latin?
Glue….. glam…. good……………..
Swimming in the mental fog
Can’t tell the difference anymore

© Text: Louisa (Balletomanehk)
© Music: FrediX