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2012 flew by in a blink of the eye, yet I feel I had savored each delicious moment better than ever before in my life. Not that it was all sweet and crunchy. More like sweet, sour and bitter! But that complexity of taste made me feel so…. ALIVE!

The beginning of the year was perhaps the lowest point, starting by a slow recovery from a depressive and suicidal episode followed by burn-out and hormonal imbalance. Had a lonesome 40th birthday but things started to look more interesting afterwards, because I quickly adopted the concept of not expecting anything, thus not getting disappointed. I knew about it all along. My husband taught me this concept ever since Day 1. But it took me that many years to actually internalize and practice it.

For a woman, turning 40 is a daunting thought. Popular media have us believe that that’s the beginning of a downhill ride in terms of beauty, vibrancy and sexual appeal. Well, I’m glad I subscribe to the F=Fabulous idea! In my case, fabulous is an internal state. I feel more and more comfortable in my own skin, and care less and less about my external appearance.

Surely, I’ve had my share of physical challenges. Being in a perimenopausal state contributed to my weight gain. Signs of aging showed their heads. A strand of gray hair here, another there. They seemed to have popped up overnight. My farsightedness deteriorated rapidly. But other than these, I generally feel fine, thanks to the discipline I have in following the Genotype/Blood Type Diet.

Came Spring, my life was thrown upside down, inside out when we moved to the countryside, plunging right into a kind of village life that we had never experienced before. There were tremendous challenges in the beginning–problems with the landlord, hiccups with moving furniture into the house, influx of insects, severe water leakage, quarrels with inconsiderate neighbors, noise from the “dog farm” downstairs, sightings of deadly snakes… the list goes on. Yet the delight and magic of country living was beyond our wildest dreams: symphonies of a thousand birds in the morning, fresh air and easy access to the ocean, wonders of wild life including feral cattle grazing in our backyard, the possibility of tending a little garden on the rooftop, and absolute silence…. silence that is so rare in this “gluttery” city called Hong Kong.


In this environment, I have been able to enjoy a life that is conducive to my healing. When the weather was warm, I would start my morning on the roof, doing some stretching, drinking my protein and fruit shake, doing some spiritual reading (mostly vedic literature and works by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi) while listening to the birds. Sometimes I would have lunch al fresco on the roof, too, despite the immense subtropical heat. Oh, how I love to sunbathe! I would then meditate.


In the afternoon, my husband and I liked to walk on the rocky beach half immersed in water. Sometimes we discovered a distant island or a virgin creek, as if we had plunged into a hidden paradise. This we did over the long months of summer, every day. The sunshine and minerals in the sea did so much good to our bodies.


In the afternoon, when I enjoy my Yerba Mate and dark chocolate, I would be studying Sanskrit alphabets and grammar. What a joy to study something that I truly wanted to, instead of being forced to learn something other people want you to! And in the evening I would do my work on the computer, then call it a night, to be woken up by the sweet chirping of birds in the morning. No need for alarm clocks.

Such an idyllic life. Until one day, in the middle of the summer, my job called and gave me the worst news of the year: I was to be laid off along with all my colleagues! It was the most terrible blow! The prospect of becoming jobless was devastating. We were just starting a new life here. We were counting on the fact that I could work from home, and still earn a full-time salary, in order to stay where we are.

I plunged into depression for a whole month, weighed down with worries. The memory of being jobless (numerous times in my life) immediately sent chills down my back. I remembered vividly how we had to survive on instant noodles every single day while both I and hubby were jobless in Sweden. In hindsight I have understood how this period had put my body into entropy, all that wheat and MSGs and no real nutrients. So the prospect of not being able to sustain our lives, let alone in a wholesome way, was dismal.

In August, the axe fell, and I was officially jobless. The good news was, I got a severance package that would allow us to survive for a little while longer. So my mood lifted, and I decided to give myself a little break from worries.

As soon as my jobless period started, I took the opportunity to begin a series of healing modules. While the Blood Type/Genotype diet has helped me a great deal in improving my health, I felt that diet alone would not help me totally heal from my fibroids and ovarian cysts. I read a while ago about German New Medicine, and found out that specific traumas in our lives cause a particular part of our brain to react, which in turn affect a related organ and cause cancer/tumors. I was quite shocked to find out that about the correlation between the trauma I experienced with my father’s cancer and death and the growth of an ovarian cyst on the left side.

I realized that in order to heal completely, one must go deep into the psyche and subconscious to deal with the root issues that have blocked healing in the first place.

With the recommendation of an online friend, I went to learn BodyTalk Access, an energy healing technique, which I have used for maintenance of good health and for effective first-aid whenever I hit or sprang myself. Also, when I do the whole Access sequence, I feel much more “together” and it helps me be more coordinated and less prone to injury when I do ballet.

Another type of treatment I went for was BioResonance. A friend of mine in Switzerland who treats people using a BioResonance machine introduced this method to me. I learned that each substance, may it be food, chemistry, dust or bacteria, has a frequency of its own, and depending on your body’s own frequency, it may react positively or negatively at various degrees to the substance. The machine can neutralize the frequency so that the substance does not pose any harm to the body. I went for a test and found that a lot of the substances that I knew were no good for me (like the “avoid” foods under the Blood Type/Genotype Diets) were indeed confirmed to react negatively to my body’s frequency. There were a few that were tested to be OK for me, even though they are “avoids.” But I got mostly confirmations of the choices that I had already made, especially on avoiding gluten, corn and dairy products. I am not exactly sure how much effect the treatment had on me because I was doing all these other modules like the ones described below (but I was too impatient to test the modules one by one!).

A very important part of my healing journey was reading the book “Healing Code.” I began a very intense, deep healing through clearing my “heart junks” and correcting all the erroneous beliefs that I have carried with me all my life. The process was transformational–miraculous in some instances, and totally turned around my relationships with other people, particularly the ones I’m closest to (I will write about the Healing Code in more detail later on).

The premise of the code is that all problems in our lives, whether physical, financial or relationship-wise, are caused by stress–a large part of it is subconscious and unconscious, stored as cellular memory in the form of images. Only by working with the heart issues–spiritual ones–can we have a chance to heal from the deepest level.

I cannot rave enough about the Healing Code. I introduced it to my best friend, who was faced with an emotional and mid-life crisis like I was, but in a totally different context. Anyway, she told me that after reading the book and doing the code on herself, she was cured of her eczema and insomnia in two days. Even her doctor was amazed!

Because doing the code allowed me to see much more clearly what I really want, I naturally began to realize what I don’t want. During the jobless period, I applied for a few jobs and went for some interviews. Although there were a few offers from seemingly attractive jobs, I declined, as my heart was telling me these jobs were not what my heart desired. After a long search of about 4 months, I finally landed on a job that fits all my heart’s desires–close to home, a non-aggressive environment, a good level of freedom and independence, nice coworkers, and a very decent salary. You may call it a miracle. But in my heart of hearts, I have known all along that I would get a job that fulfills my wishes, as I had been truthful in my choices. Of course, my ultimate dream is to work for myself, serving people with my expertise and passion, and not to have to go to an office from 9 to 6. But like Mike Dooley has taught, the job you have can serve as a springboard to something greater, much greater. So just “get on with it and work!”

After I had been doing the Healing Code about over a month, I was introduced to the “Master Key” by the same author of the “Healing Code,” Dr. Alex Lloyd. This is another healing module that works in a different way, like a master key that opens all the various doors that block the healing process. I have now been doing that for more than 40 days, supplemented by Custom-Guide Codes offered through teleseminars. The effect of this is amazing. I am still trying to assess it but the latest thing that happened to me, was that I had a super detox after my last period, and my fibroids seem to have become much smaller. Well, at least the loss of 8 pounds in a week seem to signal some intense cleansing having taken place.

Now it’s the end of the year, well, it’s actually past the end of the Mayan Calendar, and we are still around 🙂 Things seem to be intensifying. I believe that humanity is entering a new phase–a rapid shift in consciousness. Pure consciousness is ultimately what all living beings are made of, and it shapes our reality from moment to moment. As we enter a new phase in human history, let it be our own personal turning point as well. Let love, light and truth guide and heal our hearts ♥♥♥