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A picture is worth a thousand words. Well, how many words is worth these two dozen photos? In a glance, you can see the transformation of my body over the span of 20 years.

Since my late teens I have always been struggling with weight gain and “puffiness” without understanding why. My health took a major dive in my late 30’s so I searched and experimented until I discovered the Blood Type/Genotype Diet through reading Dr. Peter D’Adamo’s books. Within a short span of time (less than 2 years), my body started to have a major shift not just in shape but in how I feel overall (see last three pictures). Although it will take time for my body to heal all the damages I have done to it over the years, I am encouraged to look at my own transformation, seeing how I get into better shape, look and feel younger, and how all the “small ailments” have totally disappeared. This is not just a new way of eating but of living. The transformation gives me motivation to keep going.