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In an article titled “Designed to Heal,” written by a Korean-Canadian chiropractor, Dr. Ben Kim, he pinpointed the crux of the issue raised in my headline.

Self health care requires that you understand how your body works, and make choices based on this knowledge. My experience has been that most people aren’t sufficiently motivated to consistently make healthy choices until their discomfort is severe enough. And even at this point, there are some who prefer to continue with their harmful vices while numbing their discomfort with drugs or even surgical excision.

My feeling is that it takes two ingredients to consistently make healthy choices that support your self healing mechanisms. The first is an understanding of your body’s self healing design. The second is a strong enough reason for wanting to be healthy for as long as possible. When you have both, it becomes almost natural to make daily choices that fully support your innate healing capacity.

In this extremely well-written article, Dr. Kim is right on about what keeps people procrastinate about or refuse to take measures to change the direction of their health.

In my own experience, attempts to give people hints or tips about how to improve their diet and lifestyle often backfire. Most prefer to live in a state of bliss that is falsely created by the shield of ignorance. And, they start to hate me. Some even want to shoot the messenger.

If they have not been struck with a serious, debilitating or life-threatening disease or chronic condition, they would rather stick to their familiar habits, such as keep on eating processed food and submitting their health to restaurant chefs who know nothing of the biochemical effects of their “creations” on their customers’ bodies. Ladies, especially, would keep on putting petrochemical-based skincare products and makeup on their skin, while evading the health-giving rays of the sun in exchange for a silk-white face. Office workers, or rather, slaves, would keep on bowing to their bosses’ every whim and demand, working long hours in a poor-ventilated environment, eating fast food in plastic boxes day in a day out, holding their bladders and never going out in the sun—all in the hope of building a bright career and accumulating wealth. Wealth—in what form? At what cost?

It did not surprise me, though it saddened me, to hear from a colleague that many of his friends have developed this tumor and that cancer already in their 30’s. I don’t know what happened to each of these people, but I have personal friends who have had either acute conditions or benign tumors. They have either opted for surgery or are planning to subject themselves to drugs and the surgeon’s knife. It has not occurred to them that by changing their diet and lifestyle, they have a much better chance to both revert their pathological conditions and to prevent future diseases.

I myself have developed several tumors in my body, which became a big wake-up call for me. Consequently, I have taken a giant step back from the type of aggressive career-building lifestyle that I found myself in for many years, and made a 180-degree turn in the way I eat and live. Unfortunately, many poor souls keep plowing on, not knowing that there is a greener world beyond the glass ceiling of the corporate world.

Time to take charge of your health and your life, my friend! If not now, when?