It’s interesting how we go through life in a series of seemingly random events that in hindsight, gradually weave themselves into a red thread.

What has led me to develop a great passion in natural healing is just that—a series of “random” pain and suffering, both physically and emotionally, throughout my whole life, except during my childhood up until about 12.

During my teenage years growing up in my adopted home, Hong Kong (my birthplace being mainland China), I was an over-achiever and a studious nerd, working myself into an exam slave and wrecking my stomach through skipping meals and though stress. Of course, little did I know that what I was being fed was partly responsible for my digestive troubles. But more on that later. I also went through, at the age of 14, a period when I suffered from what was known to me as “arthritis.” I limped around and could hardly sit or walk without pain in the hip. These, on top of the existential angst of growing up and the loss of self-esteem that came along with being classmate to some of the wealthiest and most arrogant girls in town, were enough to serve me a good lesson of what “suffering” meant. I looked for comfort in books written by some Taiwanese authors, who themselves suffered from crippling handicaps. Through their stories, I convinced myself that I was not suffering the worst of conditions.

Then came my 20’s, which started off with a blown-up waistline thanks to my move to the Dairy State in America. I changed my diet drastically from a traditional Chinese one, a rice- and soy-based diet, to a wheat- and milk-based one. I was addicted. I gained 20 pounds in just half a year and later on developed severe pollen allergy. Not until almost two decades later was I able to connect the dots between the kind of diet I ate and the allergy attacks.

After graduation I had episodes of a frozen back, which culminated in my early to mid-30’s. At the same time, my foot arches collapsed, leading to flat feet. Both of these conditions gave me debilitating pain that made it hard for me to go through the day, especially as I had to be confined to the desk during those long long hours at work. I also sank into the darkest period of my life when depression engulfed me at the age of 27. Suicidal thoughts made me panic and led me to the very “able” hands of psychiatrists, whose best “solution” was drugs. As if that was not enough, I continued to be emotionally injured by bad relationships and even got infected with a painful venereal disease to boot. My gynecological health deteriorated and every period was a punishment.

The “bombshell” that led to the “moment of truth” came when I was 37, just after I came back from a four-month visit to take care of my father, who was diagnosed with acute leukemia. I myself was diagnosed with two large uterine fibroids and an ovarian cyst. Having seen how my father was treated by conventional medical doctors, who poked and drugged him so extensively that eventually led to his death, I was convinced that I would not go the same route of allopathy, giving up my health to those clad in white coats and know little about nutrition and lifestyle choices directly affect our health and how changing our daily habits could actually reverse our diseases and even aging process.

So that’s what prompted me to dive in on a deep-sea journey to find out what Nature has installed for me. I started to conduct an all-out research through reading health books and searching the Internet. I did a ton of trials and made many errors. Along the way, I have gradually developed a natural healing program for myself. And here I am, happy to share my experience with you. Santé—or good health—to all of you!

We shall not cease exploration. ~T.S. Eliot.